Upcoming Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges

Jeremy Bailey (jeremy_bailey@tnc.org)  

2014 Niobrara TREX
​​ ​​​

Ashland TREX
Ashland, OR​
April 30-May 13, 2017 (in progresssee Facebook page for updates)

Central Oregon TREX
Bend, OR
May 1-12, 2017 (in progresssee Facebook page for updates) 

Chama Peak TREX
northern NM / southern CO
May 1-14, 2017 (in progresssee Facebook page for updates)

Luera TREX
south-central NM
May 30-June 10, 2017 (flyer)

Umpqua TREX
Roseburg, OR
September 26-October 6       
For details, see the announcement and application.
Applications are due by June 30.