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Incident Qualifications and Certification System

In 2004, the National Fire and Aviation Executive Board, a multi-agency group made up of the federal government’s top fire officials, decided to integrate The Nature Conservancy into its Incident Qualifications and Certification System, or IQCS, the mechanism by which thousands of government employees track their fire qualifications and are dispatched to fight wildfires and manage prescribed burns. This new collaboration will help us better integrate the Conservancy’s ecological message into agency land management practices.

The Nature Conservancy has begun issuing Interagency Incident Qualification Cards to some of its hundreds of fire staff and volunteers. They list what jobs the individual is qualified to perform based on his or her training, experience and fitness level. These cards open the door to allowing our fire professionals to participate in fighting wildfires, participating on wildland fire use projects, and/or managing prescribed burns with many agency partners.

These documents will help you understand this system and explain how to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please read through this document carefully to understand what the system is, why The Nature Conservancy is involved, and what steps to take to enroll you and/or your staff, partners and volunteers.

IQCS Checklist (Updated form, with Experience Log)
Download and complete this document as a first step for enrolling in this system. Instructions on how to submit this information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions list above.

TNC Unit Identifiers List
This list shows all the units within IQCS that are affiliated with The Nature Conservancy.