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​We are not currently offering this training. You may wish to try the National Wildland Fire Training site at

This course includes S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use and S-214 Southern Area Engine Operations. Participants learn engine tactics related to prescribed fire and wildfire, pumping operations, repair, hoselays and engine safety. We also cover issues such as urban interface tactics and hazardous materials, with students spending four of six days in the field, practicing and applying techniques.

Target Group
Individuals seeking Engine Boss, Type 2 Burn Boss, and crew members responsible for engine use and management.

Firefighter Type 2 qualification and two years fire management experience.

What our students have said about this course:

  • This course is of considerable value as a method to build teams and practical experience. I just can’t say enough about the cadre, the exercises, organization, facility, and the great people I have met.
  • Lots of learning outside of class. I also enjoyed the variety of perspectives: federal, state, local, TNC, etc.
  • All instructors were very helpful, knowledgeable and willing to get dirty along with the students.
  • Learned a lot, met lots of good people, had fun, gained 10 pounds. I think this is probably the best fire-related course I’ve taken in 27 years I’ve been in the park service.