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Saginaw Bay Agricultural Conservation Awards**

On the Ground

The Conservancy’s work on the ground demonstrates, and builds upon, the science and data development currently underway in the Saginaw Bay watershed. In order to scale up strategic agricultural conservation using our data, models, online tools, and innovative incentive methods, we will:
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to set watershed sustainability goals and target conservation practices where they can have the largest impact

  • Design and test new transactional methods with agencies and agribusiness to incentivize implementation of agricultural best management practices

  • Leverage partnerships with agencies and agribusiness to increase the scale of implementation across the basin

Explore the following to learn more about each of these projects on the ground in the Saginaw Bay watershed:

Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)

Sediment Reduction Pay-for Performance (PfP)

Water Replenishment Pay-for-Performance (WR PfP)

Cass River Implementation Project - Completed

Map updated February 2018Watersheds_map_RCPP_PfP_colorized_Feb2018.jpg

 Contact: Mary Fales | mfales@tnc.org


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