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Why it Matters: Dunes are one of Michigan’s most unique and iconic natural systems. Restoring and protecting the biodiversity of Eastern Lake Michigan’s dune systems, wetlands, coastal forests, and near-shore areas benefits threatened and endangered species as well as major economic drivers of recreation and eco-tourism in coastal areas.
• Restore key dune ecosystems at the Conservancy’s preserves.
• Collaborate with statewide and regional stakeholders to increase awareness, enhance resource availability and expand public support of coastal conservation by strategically engaging regional communities.
• Develop and improve strategic policy that supports restoration efforts, including those to reduce future invasive species introductions and prevent coastal habitat degradation.
• Conduct research to connect the economic and environmental impact of invasive plant species in coastal ecosystems.

Conservancy preserves in this region:
Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve
Zetterberg Preserve at Point Betsie


Eastern Lake Michigan Project Area

Relevant Documents:
2015 Dunes Fact Sheet
Restoration Ecology: "Aboveground and Belowground Impacts Following
Removal of the Invasive Species Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila paniculata) on Lake Michigan Sand"

Michigan Dune Alliance Strategic Plan​

Contact: Shaun Howard │989.859.4602