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Conservation Coaches Network Board

The CCNet Board was established in 2009, to provide the support structure for the Conservation Coaches Network. All franchises and partner organizations are represented on the Network Board. In addition, to be able to provide timely and efficient input and direction when urgent decisions are needed, this board established an active Executive Commitee.


CHAIR:    Brad Northrup provides leadership to attain the Network vision and effective management of Board meetings.

PARTNER REPRESENTATIVESNetwork partners are organizations, agencies, and institutions that are committed to:

  • implementing CAP/Open Standards within their organizations,
  • supporting coaches who actively support the practice,
  • working jointly with other partners to implement and periodically update the CCNet strategy,
  • treat improvements and new practices in CAP/Open Standards as “open source” and
  • signing onto the CCNet Charter.

Currently partner representatives are from the four organization who founded the CCNet. Their role is to represent the voice of member organizaions and ensure an active participation from their organizations to promote Network activities identified in the strategic plan.

Greening Australia:        Mark Anderson

FOS:                                Nick Salafsky & Ilke Tilders

WWF:                              P.J. Stephenson

TNC:                                Joni Ward



Franchises are groups of coaches that share a geographic area or other specialized interest that work together on a regular basis to assess needs, set priorities, and support planning.

Groups that wish to join the Network as a new franchise should contact the Network Coordinator to discuss the core requirements and develop a Franchise Agreement, if appropriate. The proposed franchise would be reviewed and approved by the Network Board.


Asia/Pacific:     Matt Durnin

Australia:          Paul Koch & Ben Carr

Europe:              Ilke Tilders & Stella Vareltzidou

Latin America:   Vacant

Micronesia:        Trina Leberer

USA - Central:    Tina Hall

USA - Eastern:   Gwynn Crichton

USA - Hawaii:    Jason Sumiye

USA - Rocky Mt/NW: Terri Schulz

USA - Sierra/CA:  Sandi Matsumoto

WWF:   PJ Stephenson

See where the franchise members are active on our CCNet coaches map.

FRANCHISE LEADERS-AT-LARGE: Matt Durnin & Terri Schulz

The role of franchise leaders-at-large is to be “the voice of franchise leaders” in the Executive Committee, to represent the perspective of practitioners from the CCNet’s different geographic realms.

COACH-AT-LARGE:  Cristina Lasch

The role of a coach-at-large is to be “the voice of active conservation coaches” in the Executive Committee, to make sure urgent decisions are grounded and help the board bear in mind the implications that a decision would have on the practice of coaches in the field.    


The coordinator’s role is to work closely with the board chair and specific members of the board (primarly with the Network Coordination Team), to plan the work, provide coordination, support decision-making, monitoring and reporting, share lessons and build the Network.

ADVISORS: Audrey Newman, John Morrison, Dan Salzer, Mauricio Castro Schmitz

The advisor’s role is to provide professional advice on issues that relate to the functionality and development of the Network.

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