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Conservation Coaches Network: Planning for the Future

The Nature Conservancy

Coaches Network Strategic Plan Summary

In his latest book Blessed Unrest best-selling author Paul Hawken recognizes that a hopeful new movement is growing all over the world. This movement is springing up from the ground involving millions of people working to address the needs of their communities through local action. The Green Belt Movement in Kenya, the indigenous lands rights movement in the Amazon, the sustainable forestry efforts in rural British Columbia are just a few examples of the kinds of efforts Hawken describes that are engaging people in purposeful actions aimed at healing the wounds of the past and forging a more sustainable future. Hawken claims that this movement isn’t a top-down, centrally organized endeavor, but rather it is a spontaneous effort by millions of people in thousands of places to find solutions best suited to their home places. He goes on to say that this movement is best supported not by top-down decisions but by providing the participants “useful problem-solving tools.” Conservation Action Planning is just that — a simple, useful problem-solving tool designed to shape thoughtful, focused conservation action and to learn from this action to forge a new healthier future. Conservation Coaches support people in their use of this powerful tool, and the aim of the Conservation Coaches Network is to provide an arena in which experiences and lessons learned from the thousands of conservation efforts under way all around the world can be shared.

Here you can also find a complete version of the Efroymson Coaches Network Strategic Plan 2009-2012, which included a strategy to evolve this Nature Conservancy network into a multi-partnership community of practice, the Conservation Coaches Network.