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Practitioner Updates on the Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration
December 21, 2007
1.  TNC staff now have access to law and policy journals online
Hein Online, an on-line, searchable and downloadable data base of about 1,100 law journals, is now accessible to any TNC employee for a 1-year trial period beginning today.  To access Hein Online, enter the user name and password, which Robert Wigington will provide shortly in a separate email. 
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is another source of law and policy articles.  SSRN provides free access to abstracts, and often to full articles.  To use the SSRN, go to
Access to both Hein On-line and SSRN is for personal use only.
2.  Instream flow policy discussion forum begins
Robert Wigington is initiating a forum for sharing instream flow law and policy literature.  When you find an interesting article worth sharing, please send the following information to Robert,, who will distribute your recommendation to recipients of this newsletter: title, author(s), date, journal, where you found it, any terms for downloading, briefly why and for whom you think it is useful, and (optional) a short review or abstract.  You may opt out of this discussion forum at any time by emailing Robert.
3.  State-by-state instream flow policy summaries available
Several reports that summarize and critique U.S. state instream flow policies are available for your use.  To determine which reports pertain to your state, please consult the “Matrix​” attached to this newsletter.  To obtain a copy of any report listed in the matrix, please email Robert Wigington,, or Eloise Kendy,​.
4.    ELOHA journal article to be submitted by March
The deadline to submit the ever-elusive ELOHA journal article to Freshwater Biology has been extended to March 31, 2008.  
5.  ELOHA practitioners meeting plans progress
The last ELOHA News reported that Chris Konrad and Eloise Kendy were beginning to plan the first meeting of ELOHA practitioners for around April 2008.  The date has now been set for April 29-30 in Seattle, and the audience is now targeted to scientists within the U.S. Geological Survey and The Nature Conservancy.  The workshop will showcase recent advances in understanding regional-scale flow-ecology relationships, and will feature facilitated discussions on hydrologic modeling and long-term ecological monitoring needs and on framing the science to best inform water policy.  Scientists, look for the “Save-the-Date” announcement in your email inbox within the next few weeks.
Happy Solstice to all! 
Eloise Kendy, Ph.D.
Director, Environmental Flows Program
The Nature Conservancy
Global Freshwater Team
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