LANDFIRE Collaboration: BpS Review


​LANDFIRE produced and delivered state-and-transition models for every ecosystem (Biophysical Settings, or BpS) mapped by the program over more than a decade. The models and descriptions combined offer information about vegetation dynamics, structure, and composition on lands across the U.S. prior to Euro-American settlement. Not only are the models and descriptions important internally to the LANDFIRE Program, they are used across the nation in a spectacular array of applications and landscapes.  
LANDFIRE reviewed BpS models and descriptions - the first complete update since they were developed and delivered between 2005 and 2009. Because LANDFIRE is committed to a collaborative process, incorporating the knowledge and experience of experts in fields of vegetation and fire ecology is critical. To that end, LANDFIRE requests contributions from fire and vegetation ecologists and others -- a "crowdsourcing" endeavor with important ecological impacts. 
The review entailed reading and commenting on a 4-to-10 page MS-Word document at your convenience and in your office -- we estimate that it would take less than an hour to do so.  The dedicated BpS Review website contains all the information needed to complete the review and to provide comments back to The Nature Conservancy’s LANDFIRE team. 

Read our short overview about the first phases of he review: "What We Did, What You Did, and Why It Matters."  View the "progress map.

For more information, or to speak with a "real live person," send us an email, or contact any team member.