FLN Networker No. 331


Issue #331 (6 April 2022) of the FLN Networker and its attachment. This issue includes news from California, Georgia. Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon and WTREX. There are also links to a request for proposals from the U.S. Forest Service CFLRP; a feedback request for a couple of draft resources for TREX; a recent analysis of fire shelter performance; a report on a survey of extension and outreach program delivery; a Story Map introduction to IFTDSS; an online database of spatial data for invasive annual grasses; an article on how Indigenous burning shaped the forests in the Klamath region of California; an article on the effect of prescribed fire on wildfire severity and bird ecology; a research brief and article noting that California wildfires are mostly non-forest fires; an article on the increasing risk of extreme rainfall after wildfire in the western U.S.; and excerpts from a new book on fire ecology and management.  As always, listings are included for jobs, webinars, Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges, and workshop and training opportunities.
A flyer for a job with the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project is attached.

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