FLN partners meet periodically to plan, share successes and lessons learned, and tour and discuss restoration sites. Some regional networks follow a formal four-workshop planning series, while others focus on particular restoration topics of local relevance. In either case, bringing partners together to work and learn collaboratively is key to FLN success.
Agendas, summaries, pre-work (or ‘homework’), presentations, participant lists and other documents pertaining to workshops hosted by various parts of the FLN are posted and archived here.

Some Suggestions on Search Terms
Workshop documents can be searched in a variety of ways. In addition to subject matter (e.g. aspen), keywords used that will allow efficient search include the:

  • regional network or landscape hosting the workshop (e.g. Northwest, Mimbres); 
  • town or state in which a workshop was held;
  • document type (e.g. announcement, agenda, summary, homework, presentation, participants); and
  • year in which a workshop was held.


Photo Credit:  © The Nature Conservancy / Lynn Decker