FLN Networker No. 201

Issue #201 (6 January 16) of the FLN Networker and its attachment. This issue includes news from landscapes, people and projects in California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon. It also has links to a TNC report on communicating about nature-based solutions, a short piece on smarter-sounding writing, an article on using "achievable future conditions" to guide conservation, an article on wildland fire limiting subsequent fire occurence, a working paper on the impact of fire on wildlife in coniferous forests in the Southwest, and a graph of acres burned over the last 10 years. As always, listings are included for webinars; FLN and FAC LN workshops; FLN Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges; and conference, workshop and training opportunities.
Attached to this issue is an invitation to an EPA smoke management meeting in Washington state.