FLN Networker No. 196

Issue #196 (28 October 15) of the FLN Networker and its attachments. This issue includes news from landscapes, people and projects in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington and the Central Appalachians. It also has a JFSP request for peer reviewers, and links to a webinar recording and other resources from a recent Southern Blue Ridge FLN webinar on fire monitoring at Linville Gorge, a USGS restoration handbook (part 1) for sage-grouse habitat, a note on upcoming Wikipedia updates, and an article on the relative risk to private practitioners from prescribed fire vs mechanical treatments . As always, listings are included for webinars; FLN and FAC LN workshops; prescribed fire training exchanges; and conference, workshop and training opportunities. 
Attached to this issue are a memo from JFSP, a job announcement and a workshop flyer.