FLN Networker No. 189

Issue #189 (22 July 15) of the FLN Networker. This issue includes news from landscapes, people and projects in Iowa, Nebraska and Oregon, as well as a report from a briefing trip to Washington, DC. It also has links to an Association for Fire Ecology survey on gender issues, a new Forest Service webpage with forest restoration resources, an article on climate-induced increases in wildfire weather season, the June issue of Conservation Biology (which has a special section on using geodiversity to plan biodiversity conservation), the June issue of Ecology and Society (which has numerous interesting articles), a video on taking slope and wind into account when calculating safety zones, and a set of six videos on restoring composition and structure of Southwest forests; there is also a brief story on using letterboxing (like geocaching) to distribute outreach materials. As always, listings are included for webinars; FLN and FAC LN workshops; prescribed fire training exchanges; and conference,  workshop and training opportunities.