FLN Networker No. 185

Issue #185 (27 May 15) of the FLN Networker, and its attachments. This issue includes news from landscapes, people and projects in California, Georgia, Oregon and Washington. It also has links to a position statement on wildfire from the Association for Fire Ecology, Int'l Association of Wildland Fire and The Nature Conservancy; the May 2014 Quadrennial Fire Review report; a report on fire spread in the WUI; and an article on estimating historic range of variability from state-and-transition models, as well as two job openings. As always, listings are included for webinars; FLN and FAC LN workshops; prescribed fire training exchanges; and conference,  workshop and training opportunities. 
Attached are an FLN Notes from the Field about the Central Oregon TREX, and a FAC Notes from the Field about a wildfire preparedness project at a school in southern Oregon.