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LANDFIRE Refresh Approach 2001/2008

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LANDFIRE is actively working on systematic data improvements which will be available for downloading soon. The LANDFIRE Refresh Approach to updating LANDFIRE layers focuses on landscape changes to vegetation, such as wildland fire, fuel and vegetation treatments or management. Where possible with available data, changes from insects and disease, storm damage, invasive plants and other natural or anthropogenic events will be incorporated. The Refresh project will update existing layers to reflect more current conditions; however, there is a gap of  two to three years in acquiring data on the landscape changes and processing updated data products. 


There are several versions of LANDFIRE spatial products available for download, and more are coming. The current product versions represent different time periods or improvement processes. LANDFIRE is actively working on systematic data improvements, and is updating vegetation and related spatial products to make them as useful and current as possible. The latest improvement and updating plans are described on the LANDFIRE Program website.  
The Refresh project has been estimated to span 24 months and involves over 500 unique tasks to deliver updated LANDFIRE data layers. Refresh is highly dependent upon continued contract and staffing support and the vital contributions of field data in the form of change data polygons and other information regarding landscape conditions.