LANDFIRE New Product Release: MoD-FIS

Map of SW and Great Basin areas

New Fuel Data Product Released:
Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS) 

The LF team at the USGS EROS Center has just released new provisional products for the Great Basin and Southwest regions of the United States that capture the seasonal nature of fuels in this region. Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS) incorporates seasonal variability of herbaceous cover (i.e. cheatgrass) to capture changes to fire behavior fuel models based on the current fire season herbaceous production.
Using current and historic Normalized Difference Vegetation Index data from the Landsat archive, LF developed a process to map current year herbaceous cover compared to historic averages. The result is updated Existing Vegetation Cover, Existing Vegetation Height, and Fire Behavior Fuel Model layers that reflect the current fire season herbaceous cover and resultant fuel availability.
These products are released multiple times per year, on a provisional basis, for all regions except the furthest north.

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The MoD-FIS process (feature)