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Lake Huron Biodiversity Conservation Report

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Lake Huron is an ecologically rich and globally significant ecosystem, but its biodiversity is at risk. Invasive species, climate change, water pollution, rapid and poorly planned residential and industrial growth, altered hydrology, and incompatible agricultural, fishery, and forestry practices are all having negative effects. Degradation and loss of historical habitat have been identified as major stressors to Lake Huron and its watershed, particularly in southern regions.

The Lake Huron Biodiversity Conservation Strategy is an international initiative designed to identify what actions are needed to protect and conserve the native biodiversity of Lake Huron. The most critical biodiversity threats and needs of the lake were determined through a collaborative, science-based process. The recommended strategies are meant to restore and conserve a functioning ecosystem. By applying a biodiversity focus to synthesize and prioritize existing related efforts, the LHBCS reaffirms and advances many existing complementary plans and initiatives. It is intended to increase awareness and collaboration among organizations and communities active in biodiversity conservation within the
  Lake Huron watershed, and provide a lakewide context for local conservation actions.