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 Science Chronicles May 2013: The Future Is Now

science chronicles may 2013 nature conservancy conservation
Table of Contents

3 Craig Groves: Genetic Engineers and Conservation Biologists: Scenes from a First Date

6 Sara Kuebbing: Like Zombies, Invasives Come in Multiples

10 Eddie Game: Prediction in Conservation

13 Jonathan Higgins: Can We Play to Win? Clarifying Our Whole-Systems Work to Explicitly Be About Multiple Scales

17 Jennifer Dean, Steve Buttrick, Sharon Plumb: Empowering Citizen Scientists Through Mapping Invasive Species

20 Bob Lalasz: Why and How Conservation Needs to Tackle Human Well-Being: A Q&A with Heather Tallis

24 15 Seconds of Fame: Anne Bradley

26 Blog Reel: Monthly highlights from our science blog, Cool Green Science

27 Science Shorts: Peter Kareiva, Craig Leisher and Jon Fisher

30 Spotlight: Science and GIS Resources Available from the North America Region Science Team

32 Announcements

33 New Conservancy Publications

Photo: Singapore’s futuristic Garden by the Bay, by Flickr user williamcho and a Creative Commons license.