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 Science Chronicles -- Mid-Year Books Issue 2012

3 Sandel: What Money Can’t Buy (Reviewed by Peter Karevia)
4 Wagner: But Will The Planet Notice? (Mark Tercek)
6 Lubrano: Limbo (Lynn Lozier)
7 Boo: Behind the Beautiful Forevers (Bob Lalasz)
8 Pelligrini: Girl Hunter (Joe Smith)
9 Terrill: Part Wild (Jen Newlin)
10 Bonta: American Women Afield (Charlotte Reemts)
11 Hilborn: Overfishing (Kareiva)
12 Roberts: The Ocean of Life (Tercek)
14 Fishman: The Big Thirst (Bryan Piazza)
15 Pearce: The Land Grabbers (Kareiva)
16 Steingraber: Raising Elijah (Reviewed by Darci Palmquist)
17 Stewart: The Places in Between (Craig Leisher)
18 Stolzenburg: Rat Island (Matt Miller)
19 Coehlo: The Alchemist (Piazza)
20 Dobbs

26 Charles Bedford: The Hunger Games: Is Panem More Like
China or America?