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 Science Chronicles February 2013

Brain coral under LED light by Flickr user la.kien via Creative Commons

Burning Questions

3 Peter Kareiva: Measures, Tenure & Rocket Ships: Inspiration from Bill Gates

5 Rob McDonald: Doing Conservation Like a Startup

8 Dan Majka & Tara Schnaible: Improving the Reach of Our Science: People Can’t Use What They Can’t Find

12 Mary Huffman & Blane Heumann: Engaging the Fire-Climate Reality...Before We Get Burned

18 Darci Palmquist: Is the LEAF Program Changing TNC Staff Attitudes Toward Conservation?

20 Introduction: Heather Tallis, Our New Lead Scientist

22 15 Seconds of Fame: Annick Cros

24 Matt Herbert: Review of Edward O. Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth

26 Science Short: The Culturomics of Conservation

27 Announcements

28 New Conservancy Pubs

Photo: Brain coral under LED moonlight. By Flickr user la.kien via Creative Commons.