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 Science Chronicles - December 2012

The Year-End Books Issue 2012
3 Jeff Opperman: An Environmental Scientist’s First Read of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
7 Harbach: The Art of Fielding (Reviewed by Jen Newlin)
8 Harris: Pompeii (Craig Leisher)
9 Kingsolver: Flight Behavior (Sally Palmer)
10 Lansdale: The Bottoms (Peter Kareiva)
11 McIntyre: The Snow Leopard’s Tale (Matt Miller)
12 Murakami: IQ84 (Silvia Benitez & Charles Bedford)
14 Howey: Wool Omnibus (Kareiva)
15 Howey: First Shift (Tim Boucher)
16 O’Malley: The Rook (Susanna Danner)
17 Rothfuss: The Name of the Wind (Kareiva)
18 Wilson: Robopocalypse (Danner)
19 Skinner: Birds of Tifft (Reviewed by E.J. McAdams)
21 Alford and Duguid: Home Baking (Jensen Montambault)
22 Patel: Stuffed and Starved (Miller)
23 Bacigalupi: The Windup Girl & Ray: The Seed Underground(Sara Gottlieb)
25 Cowen: An Economist Gets Lunch (Bob Lalasz)
People (and Animals)
26 Romm: Language Intelligence (Julie Morse)
27 Silver: The Signal and the Noise (Kareiva)
28 Sterba: Nature Wars (Kareiva)
29 Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality (Kareiva)
30 Wise: Drawing the Line (Jon Fisher)
31 Hamilton & Coyle: The Secret Race (Bedford)
32 Hollister: Inheriting China (Fisher)
33 Sacks: A Leg to Stand On (Patrick McCarthy)
34 Yang: Tombstone (Bedford)
The End
36 Guterl: The Fate of the Species (Darci Palmquist)
37 Quammen: Spillover (Miller)
38 Church & Regis: Regenesis (Kareiva)
39 Poem: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas...at TNC