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 Science Chronicles March 2013

science chronicles march 2013

​Ways Forward

3 Peter Kareiva: Marine Pollution and a World of Waste
5 Peter Kareiva, Craig Groves and Bob Lalasz: Science for Nature and People (SNAP): A New Scientific Collaboration
11 David Fox, Jensen Montambault and Lynn Lozier: What 7 Years of Compliance Monitoring Tell Us About the Future of Our Conservation Easements
17 Tim Tear and Geoff Lipsett-Moore: Out of the Trees and Onto the Plains: Evolving Carbon Credits for the Future By Looking to the Past
21 Bob Lalasz: Why Everything You Know About Science Communications Is Wrong, and More Science Is the Answer
24 15 Seconds of Fame: Gina Cosentino
26 Blog Reel: Monthly highlights from our science blog, Cool Green Science
27 Science Short
28 Announcements: Changes to Central Science
30 New Conservancy Pubs


Photo: Reza Ahmeds/Flickr via Creative Commons