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Editing Raster Attributes TUTORIAL


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Access ArcGIS 9.3 Tutorial  (WebEx = see directions)

(5:43 min. video)  - This video demonstrates how to edit a grid attribute table in ArcGIS 9.3. Editing grid attribute tables is one way to modify data for local use. In this example, the LANDFIRE Existing Vegetation Type grid attribute table is edited by 1) adding and populating a new field in the table and 2) directly editing an existing field in the table.

The link to the WebEx tutorial might not open using the Windows Explorer browser. If you get an error message, copy/paste the URL into another browser.


DIRECTIONS: If you have not previously viewed a WebEx recording, you may be prompted to install the WebEx Network Recording Player when you click on the video link. Follow the instructions to install the player and the video will load in a few minutes.

You only have to do this the first time you use WebEx. For more information view Play a WebEx Recording