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Coach Designations: With Addendums for Coaching Competencies and Self-Assessment

Morrison, John (WWF); Evans, Kirsten (TNC); Matsumoto, Sandi (TNC); Sutter, Robert (Enduring Conservation Outcomes)

The Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) contains a diverse array of coaches who facilitate planning and training using the Open Standards (OS) for the Practice of Conservation.  Some are new to coaching but know conservation planning well.  Some are skilled planners and facilitators but are relatively new to being a coach or mentor.  Some are specialized in various conservation planning components, some are very experienced conservation practitioners with rich intuitive strategic skills but less confidence or interest in technical tools and some are seasoned conservationists and skilled facilitators that have worked with conservation planning in many different settings and geographies.

This document can be used by coaches as a self-assesment, to determine their own designation, ideally in coordination with their franchise leaders. Understanding the strengths and competencies of the CCNet’s coaches will enable the network coordinators and franchise leaders to foster more efficient exchanges, build more capacity where needed, and help practitioners find good matches to meet their coaching and workshop needs.

The coach designations are not meant foster competition.  And it is not in any way designed to create hierarchy. Some coaches may only want to specialize in a certain area or only climb so high in the coaches’ designations. To reinforce the core purposes of this approach, coaches will self-rate themselves in the designations answering questions on their experiences, personal interest, and willingness to invest in supporting CCNet.  

Three designations are proposed for OS CCNet Coaches:  Coach, Coach/Trainer, and Coach-in-Training.  This self-assessment is accompanied by a description of detailed competencies for coaching the Open Standards.

If you decide to use this self-assessment, and are wondering what franchise to coordinate with, here you will find a list of franchises.