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LANDFIRE Data Distribution site

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This interactive, internet-based tool enables the user to view, query, and download LANDFIRE data based on an area of interest without the need for GIS software. If you are unfamiliar with LANDFIRE data, this is an ideal way to explore and learn more. The LANDFIRE Data Viewer is also a good tool for downloading relatively small seamless data sets if you have high-speed network access. Be sure to click on "View User Instructions" for information on how to navigate the site.

There are several versions of LANDFIRE spatial products available for download, and more are coming. The current product versions represent different time periods or improvement processes. LANDFIRE is actively working on systematic data improvements, and is updating vegetation and related spatial products to make them as useful and current as possible. The latest improvement and update plans are described on the LANDFIRE Program website.
Updated products will be available for download using the Data Distribution Site when they become available. Some previous versions will continue to be available for download, but other versions may be archived in the future and only available by special request from the LANDFIRE Helpdesk.