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Science Chronicles: The Year-End Books Issue 2014


The Year-End Books Issue 2014


Table of Contents

3 Mark Tercek: Dystopia on My Mind

10 Novotny: Notebooks from New Guinea (Charlotte Reemts)
11 Mack: Searching for PekPek (reviewed by Ellen Paul and Tim Boucher)
14 DeFries: The Big Ratchet (Peter Kareiva)
16 Theroux: The Last Train to Zona Verde (Alan White)
17 Ogawa: The Housekeeper and the Professor (Jeannie Patton)
18 Chevalier: Remarkable Creatures (Sara Gottlieb)
19 McCafferty: The Royal Wulff Murders (Matt Miller)
20 Knausgaard: My Struggle Book One (Bob Lalasz)
21 Horowitz: War of the Whales (Lisa Feldkamp)
23 Skloot: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Laura Marx)
24 Ackerman: The Human Age (Lalasz)
25  Ehrlich: The Solace of Open Spaces (Jonathan Higgins)
26  King: The Devil’s Cormorant (Miller)
27  Monosson: Unnatural Selection
      Wagner: Arrival of the Fittest (Jonathan Adams)
28 Greene: Tracks and Shadows (Bryan Piazza)
29 Beatley: Blue Urbanism (Rob McDonald)
30 Lerner: Urban Acupuncture (Adams)
31 Mayor: The Amazons (Jen Molnar)
32 Krist: Empire of Sin (Adams)
33 Wrangham: Catching Fire (Higgins)
34 Gladwell: The Tipping Point (Piazza)
Image: Flickr user Nick Kenrick via Creative Commons. Text from Jane Eyre.