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Science Chronicles, September 2013: The Case for Stewardship


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Special Issue: The Case for Stewardship

Table of Contents

3 Editor’s Note: Dear Reader: We Know Who You Are
4 Damon Noe: Stewardship Reloaded
7 Mark Burget: TNC Preserve Managers: There’s a Place for You!
9 Karen Lombard: Let’s Not Forget to Evolve Our Land Management,Too
11 Mace Hack: Pizzazz vs. Wisdom
12 Craig Leisher: Innovation Fund for Land Stewards
13 Scott Comings: A New Brand of Stewards
14 Brigitte Griswold: Connecting to the Next Generation
15 Scott Simon: Preserves vs. Policy: Let’s Move the Discussion Toward Goals
18 Jeanette Howard, Jeffrey Evans, Kurt Fesenmyer: Too Much Data, Too Little Time: Evaluating the Relationships Between the
Success of Salmon and 58 GIS Variables
24 Tara Schnaible and Dan Majka: Designing Your Day for Optimal Cognitive Output
26 15 Seconds of Fame: Colin Shanley
28 Science Short: The Social Media Counter Movement
29 Blog Reel: Monthly highlights from our science blog, Cool Green Science
30 Announcements
31 New Conservancy Publications
Image: The world’s largest gavel, by Flickr user Mary Helen Leonard via a Creative Commons license.