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Science Chronicles August 2013: Hunting for Answers


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Table of Contents

3 Letters: Hunting: The Other Side of the Story

6 News Brief The All Science Conference and You

7 Allen Pursell, Troy Weldy and Mark White: Deer Overabundance and Ecosystem Degradation: A Call to Action

14 Bronson Griscom: Forests: A Climate Superpower on the Rise?

20 Elianny Dominguez: Building Caribbean Capacity to Assess the Human Dimension in Our Conservation Work

23 Dale Turner: Create Your Own Venue for Science Communications

26 15 Seconds of Fame: Dayna Gross

28 Blog Reel: Monthly highlights from our science blog, Cool Green Science

29 Announcements

30 New Conservancy Publications

Image: C.G.P. Grey via Flickr/Creative Commons. Petroglyph of hunters at Arches National Park, Utah.