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 Science Chronicles-- September, 2011. Invasives + Planning Evolution Team Recommendations

Special Issue: Invasives + Planning Evolution Team Recommendations

Invasives Forum: Mark Davis, Daniel Simberloff & Peter Kareiva 3 (available online for comment)

Global Homogenization, Invasives and TNC’s Mission 9 (available online for comment)

You Can’t Evolve If You’re Extinct: Novel Ecosystems and the Forgotten Food Web 15 (available online for comment)

Knowing (& Sharing) the Difference Between ‘Non-Native’ and ‘Invasive’ 20 (available online for comment)

Planning for Tomorrow’s Conservation Challenges: Recommendations of TNC’s Planning Evolution Team 23 (available online for comment)

Science Shorts 33

Announcements 36
New Conservancy-Authored Publications 39

Image credit: Captain Manta/ Flickr