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 Science Chronicles April 2013: Water Quality

Science Chronicles: Water Quality Image: Algae bloom as art
3 Editor’s Note: Special Issue: Water Quality
4 Sally Palmer: Mind Your Bias: Shattering the Glass Ceiling and Cinderella’s Slippers

Special Issue: Water Quality

7 Marci Bortman: The Elephant in the Room: Nitrogen Pollution
12 Ivan Valiela: Increased Nitrogen Loads: A Global-Scale Problem with Local Impacts on Estuaries
17 Mark Bryer: Improving Water Quality on the Chesapeake Bay: Yes, We Do That
20 Tim Tear: The Air-Water Connection and the Consequences of Putting Nature in a Bag
25 Stephanie Wear: Flushing Out the Truth About Sewage and Coral Reefs
28 Peter Kareiva: Vanishing Soils: The World’s Dirty Secret
30 15 Seconds of Fame: Tomás Walschburger
32 Blog Reel: Monthly highlights from our science blog, Cool Green Science
33 Science Short
34 Announcements
35 New Conservancy Pubs

Photo:  Algae bloom as art. Mary Taffe/Flickr user Commons license