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Solomon Islands Marine Assessment

Green, Alison ; Lokani, Paul; Atu, William; Ramohia, Peter; Thomas, Peter; Almany, Jeanine

Green, A., P. Lokani, W. Atu, P. Ramohia, P. Thomas and J. Almany (eds.) 2006. Solomon Islands Marine Assessment: Technical report of survey conducted May 13 to June 17, 2004. TNC Pacific Island Countries Report No. 1/06.          

The Solomon Islands Marine Assessment represents the first broad scale survey of marine resources in the Solomon Islands. The survey was conducted over a five-week period from May 13 to June 17 2004, covering a distance of almost 2000-nm and encompassing seven of the nine provinces. The survey team comprised an international team of scientists and managers, including some of the world’s experts of coral reefs and associated habitats. The survey provided an assessment of the biodiversity and status of coral reefs, seagrass beds, oceanic cetaceans, reef food fish, commercial invertebrates and associated habitats, and recommendations for their conservation and management.          

The marine assessment demonstrated that the Solomon Islands is an area of high conservation value where marine diversity is exceptionally high, marine habitats are in good condition, and current threats are low. The diversity of marine life, condition of marine habitats, and the attractiveness of rainforest-dominated islands combine to create coastal settings seldom seen in today’s over-populated and over-exploited world. However, there is some concern regarding increasing threats to marine habitats, particularly from fishing and poor land use practices.