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Ridges to Reefs Conservation Plan for Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

Peterson, Nate; Hamilton, Richard; Pita, John; Atu, Willie; James, Robyn

The Isabel Ridges to Reefs Conservation Plan can be used to guide future conservation and development activities throughout Isabel. The plan allows stakeholders to visualise the location of conservation priorities for Isabel Province, the threats that the biodiversity of Isabel faces and what a successfully implemented protected area network across Isabel could look like under several different scenarios. It provides an important step towards establishing an Isabel Ridges to Reefs Protected Area Network (IPAN), which would support future food and freshwater security, preserve the islands remarkable biodiversity and reduce the stress on terrestrial and marine environments, hereby increasing the resilience of natural systems to external shocks such as climate change.

Suggested Citation:
Peterson, N., Hamilton, R., Pita, J., Atu, W. and R. James (2012). Ridges to Reefs Conservation Plan for Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. The Nature Conservancy Indo-Pacific Division, Solomon Islands. Report No. 1/12. 61 pp.