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Detailed Competencies for Coaching Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

Morrison, John (WWF); Sutter, Robert (Enduring Conservation Outcomes) ; Evans, Kirsten (TNC); Matsumoto, Sandi (TNC)

This checklist is a resource for coaches. It lists the knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes a coach should have to competently coach Open Standards planning and implementation of conservation projects. It is organized by the following topics: facilitation, conservation knowledge, Open Standards, theory of change, monitoring and adaptive management, and operational planning. Each competency is described in specific, observable terms, to create a useful tool that can be used by coaches to assess their current level of skills, guide their self-directed learning efforts and identify areas for professional development, as well as for use in developing training programs.

In addition to this detailed checklist, the CCNet board is developing a basic list of qualifications & duties to help CCNet members decide whether they are a coach, coach/trainer, or coach-in-training. We will post this list soon.