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CCNet Case Study: The Fitz-Stirling Functional Landscape Plan (Gondwana Link, Australia)

Freudenberger, David - Greening Australia

Greening Australia shares how Conservation Action Planning is being used to manage for results in an ambitious large landscape restoration project, spanning eight landscape zones in South-western Australia. The Fitz-Stirling Functional Landscape Plan, which this case focuses on, is part of the Gondwana Link, a large landscape project that started out as a grass-roots community ‘dream’. Individuals and local, regional and national groups are working together to reconnect country in one of the world's top 34 biodiversity hotspots "where exceptional concentrations of endemic species are undergoing exceptional loss of habitat". In addition to restoring and maintaining entire ecosystems, and the fundamental ecological processes that underpin them, by removing locks from gates this project is also restoring connectivity for the Noongar people. For the first time in 70 years, the Noongar people have been able to celebrate on-country, on one of the properties Greening Australia owns.  Project innovations include:  1) Conservation and restoration at scale (100s km2), rather than just a few hectares here and there; 2) New  restoration techniques;  3) Delay in fox control until it can be integrated with feral cat control technology still being field tested. Here you can learn more about the project.

This case study was featured at the CCNet Rally 2010, and here you can see the presentation.