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The Business of Water: Protecting Water for People & Nature

The Nature Conservancy

The world’s water is in crisis. Climate change, pollution and a burgeoning global population are stressing lakes, rivers and watersheds, and posing massive challenges in meeting future water needs. The United Nations estimates that by 2017, almost two-thirds of the world's population will face severe and chronic water shortages. To stay this decline, corporations, government and organizations worldwide must promote responsible stewardship of our water resources and develop practical solutions to these real-world problems.

Corporations are the world’s largest water users, with nearly two-thirds of all water consumption going to corporate supply chains. Hospitals use 40- 350 gallons a day per person — more than the daily per capita usage for towns and cities. Tech companies can consume up to 360,000 gallons each day to power and cool large computer data centers. While many companies have made water conservation a top priority there is still much more to be done.

As a world leader in freshwater conservation, The Nature Conservancy is working with corporations around the globe to apply pragmatic, effective strategies for minimizing their water risks while bringing natural ecosystems back to health. For almost 60 years, we have invested heavily in more than 600 freshwater projects around the world, developing and implementing strategies to reduce the threats to our water resources.

We are:

  • working with hydropower interests to build and operate dams more sustainably;
  • developing global industry initiatives and standards soliciting input from all stakeholders; and
  • implementing innovative finance mechanisms that benefit humans and nature.

To help solve the world’s water problems, the Conservancy is partnering with corporations to improve water management practices.