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Assessment of LANDFIRE Data Onslow Bight Landscape, North Carolina

Costanza, Jennifer; Overnuefemann, Kelsey; Bucher, Margit
link DOWNLOAD FILE: Onslow Bight Report

This assessment presents the major results of an evaluation of LANDFIRE data in the Onslow Bight Landscape, North Carolina. Because the data was created for regional and national analyses, it is important to determine whether and how it can be used for landscape-level analysis. We assessed the LANDFIRE data by comparing it to local data. Our evaluation shows that the data is useful for summarizing the vegetation and fuels characteristics of the landscape as a whole. Compared to local data, the LANDFIRE data is usually as good, or sometimes better, at characterizing the overall landscape. In particular, the calibrated FBFM13 data is better than any other data across the Onslow Bight. The EVT data does a better job than GAP land cover data at capturing the composition of longleaf pine systems in the landscape. Therefore, LANDFIRE is an important source of data for characterizing the vegetation and fuels across the Onslow Bight.