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Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities Tree Health Initiative

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Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities 

Tree Health Initiative

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HTHC has been busy in 2019 with trainings and supporting field work in Wilmington, Delaware; supporting the Green Heart Project in Louisville, KY; Albuquerque, NM; and partnering with Texas Trees Foundation, the City of Dallas, and Groundwork Dallas in Dallas, TX. Check out our social media feeds (on the right) for some pictures!

The Nature Conservancy’s Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities (HTHC) Tree Health initiative seeks to protect the health of our nation’s trees, forests, and communities by creating a culture of stewardship that engages people in long-term stewardship and monitoring of the trees in their respective communities. 

This Initiative utilizes citizen science principles and actions in partnership with the US Forest Service to improve the long term health of urban forest resources and to address the threat that non-native tree pests pose to our trees and forests. This initiative strengthens urban tree stewardship efforts by: creating and enhancing partnerships to achieve mutual urban forest management goals; assisting the urban forestry community in its assessment of the vulnerability of trees to potential threats; developing information, training materials, and tools to promote best management practices for the stewardship of trees; engaging corporations, community members and youth in urban forest management activities such as tree-planting, stewardship, and tree health monitoring; and conducting outreach to diverse audiences to raise public awareness about the importance of trees and what people can do to ensure we have vibrant and healthy urban forests for generations to come.

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Email Rachel Holmes, HTHC Coordinator, for more information on the Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities Tree Health Initiative.
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