Role of Mangroves in Fisheries Enhancement

Mark Spalding

​​Mangrove forests are “fish factories” that support fishing jobs and food security for many coastal communities. Globally, 36 percent of mangroves are in protected areas, but a much lower percentage of their fisheries values fall in these sites. The Nature Conservancy, Wetlands International, and the University of Cambridge produced this study on the role of mangroves in fisheries enhancement. The study concludes that mangrove conservation and restoration in areas close to human populations will render the greatest return on investment with respect to enhancing fisheries. The fisheries value of mangroves is site specific as it depends on how many fish a mangrove produces, how many fish are subsequently caught by humans, and then what the fisheries value is, both in economic terms, as a food supply or through the livelihoods that they support.

Contact: Mark Spalding