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Prescribed Fire Councils: A National Survey (2013)

Lenya Quinn-Davidson
link DOWNLOAD FILE: survey summary

Lenya Quinn-Davidson (University of California Cooperative Extension; Northern California Prescribed Fire Council)
Morgan Varner (Mississippi State University; Northern California Prescribed Fire Council, Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils)
Mark Melvin (Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center; Georgia Prescribed Fire Council; Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils)
Jeremy Bailey (The Nature Conservancy; Northern Califoria Prescibed Fire Council; Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils)

The authors conducted a survey of 24 prescribed fire councils thoughout the country over the winter of 2012-2013 to better understand their organization structures, what they are doing, and the challenges and successes the councils are having. The results are summarized in this one-page document, which tehy presented to the national Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils.