Updating LANDFIRE Fuel Grids Using MTBS Fire Severity Data


The LANDFIRE Program provides data version updates in two-year increments. However, due to the effort involved in the update process, the data might not be available for two or three years. What about fires in the "off" years?

In response to that data need, Anthony Beauchaine, U.S. Forest Service, and Kori Blankenship, TNC-LANDFIRE fire ecologist, found a solution by replicating the LANDFIRE update process using available Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) data. 

In a LANDFIRE Product Application Summary, the duo describe how they developed a scalable process that enables natural resource managers to make local updates to LF fuels data between official LF updates.​

Read the PDF article.

Read the article online in Wildfire Magazine, p. 25-27

Use the tutorial developed by Anthony Beauchaine, Kori Blankenship and Don Helmbrecht

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