We are not currently offering this training.

​​This 10-day workshop is designed to build or enhance the skills necessary to be an effective Single Resource Boss. It includes I-200 Basic Incident Command System, L-280 Followership to Leadership , S-230 Crew Boss, and S-234 Ignition Operations. The workshop is run under the Incident Command System and emphasizes hands-on field work, including live fire exercises directed at both prescribed and wildland fire operations. Leadership development is provided through group discussions, working with a large group of individuals with varied experience, interagency cooperation, and work in unfamiliar fuels.

Target Group
Individuals at or working toward Single Resource Boss qualifications. Some Burn Boss qualified staff may also benefit.

Must meet NWCG qualifications as a Firefighter Type 1, which requires taken S-131 and S-133 training prior to the academy. Also, must have completed training for Firefighter Type 2: S-130, S-190, L-180 and I-100 as well as S-290 which is a pre-requisite for S-230. A current fitness test will also be required.

What our students have said about this course:

  • This is an excellent academy. The practical skills developed here will supplement any fire experience people already had.
  • This type of real-experience classes is invaluable to growing in your chosen field. There is no replacement.
  • It’s long and intense, but the combination of classroom and field experience really helps incorporate the lessons into your head. The camaraderie of the students with each other is priceless.
  • I really enjoy the opportunities to work as a team on field exercises. We all come from different backgrounds and firing practices, so the benefits come from sharing lessons learned. Our coach has been great … Enjoying and learning a great deal.

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