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Applicability of the Hansen Global Forest Data to REDD+ Policy Decisions


Applicability of the Hansen Global Forest Data to REDD+ Policy Decisions

Key Messages

  • The Hansen Dataset provides a no-cost, transparent, and globally available historical record of forest loss.

    • The dataset is consistent with IPCC principles and can be part of a toolkit for meeting existing guidance for setting REDD+ reference levels.

      Globally the destruction of tropical forests causes around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions; therefore, those who are concerned about mitigating climate change are working to end deforestation. Policy incentives to promote actions to reduce these emissions require appropriate data to ensure the effectiveness of these actions. However, availability, access to, and accuracy of these data can present a challenge for many countries without a history of collecting such information. This paper aims to describe a new globally available tool for evaluating the conversion of forests uses and its implications on policies aiming to reduce deforestation.
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