Direct and indirect drivers of change in biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people (Chapter 4)

Bustamante, M.; Helmer, E.H.; Schill, S.; Belnap, J.; Brown, L.K.; Brugnoli, E.; Compton, J.E.; Coupe, R.H.; Hernandez-Blanco, M.; Isbell, F.; Lockwood, J.; Lozoya Ascarate, J.P.; McGuire, R.; Rodrigues, R.R.;Sanchez-Azofeifa, G.A.; Soutullo, A.; Suarez, A.; Troutt, E.; Thompson, L.
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Editor(s)Rice, J.; Seixas, C.S.; Zqaccagnini, M.E.; Bedoya-Gaitan, M.; Valderrama, N.
Conference / Book TitleThe IPBES regional assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services for the Americas
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Publication Date2018
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