Trends and values of ‘Land for Wildlife’ programs for private land conservation

Ecological Management & Restoration
Prado, Joshua A.; Puszka, Helena; Forman, Alexander; Cooke, Benjamin; Fitzsimons, James A.
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Tagsconservation programs; Land for Wildlife; landholders; private land conservation; stewardship
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Publication DateApril 23, 2018
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AbstractThe Land for Wildlife program started in Victoria in 1981 as a voluntary program with the broad aim of supporting landholders in providing habitat for wildlife on their property. The program has since spread across Australia and is implemented in a range of guises, through a variety of governance approaches. This research collected qualitative and quantitative data on Land for Wildlife programs across Australia to conduct the first national review. Data were gathered on changes in program membership to assess different participation trends. In addition, phone interviews with Land for Wildlife coordinators throughout Australia were conducted to explore how the programs are positioned in delivering biodiversity outcomes in a range of different regions. Over 14,000 properties covering 2.3 million ha are currently registered under Land for Wildlife programs. with at least 500,000 ha of habitat managed for conservation. Limited resources present a large challenge faced by a number of programs, with generally low funding and staffing resulting in restricted biodiversity focus and conservation outcomes. We suggest options to enhance the programs and propose future research directions.
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