Using machine learning to advance synthesis and use of conservation and environmental evidence

Conservation Biology
Cheng, S.H.; Augustin, C.; Bethel, A.; Gill, D.; Anzaroot, S.; Brun, J.; DeWilde, B.; Minnich, R.C.; Garside, R.; Masuda, Y.J.; Miller, D.C.; Wilkie, D.; Wongbusarakum, S.; McKinnon, M.C.
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Publication DateApril 12, 2018
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AbstractRapid growth in environmental research (Li & Zhao 2015) presents a potential wealth of information for conservation decision‐making. Evidence synthesis methods (e.g. systematic maps, reviews, meta‐analyses) (Pullin & Knight 2009) are critical for garnering actionable insight from published research, yet come with high resource demands (time and funding) that are prohibitive for meeting short policy windows (Elliott et al. 2014) and balancing trade‐offs between conservation planning and implementation.
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