Two new pinicolous Arthonia (Arthoniaceae; Arthoniomycetes) from the Delmarva Peninsula of the Atlantic Coastal Plain in eastern North America

Lendemer, James C.; Ray, David
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SourceWeb of Science
Volume / Issue120 / 1
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TagsIndustrial forestry, lichenization, mycobiont
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Publication DateSPR 2017
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AbstractTwo new non-lichenized Arthonia are described from the branches and wood of pine trees (Pinus spp.) in the Coastal Plain of southeastern North America. Arthonia samdykeana is a characterized by its lack of photobiont, large irregularly shaped ascomata, and 6Ð9(Ð10Ð12)-celled ascospores that are macrocephallic. Arthonia gutberletiana is characterized by its lack of photobiont, black circular apothecia with persistent margins, hyaline 2-celled ascospores and occurrence on pine wood.
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