Orangutan distribution, density, abundance and impacts of disturbance

Husson, S. J., S. A. Wich, A. J. Marshall, R. A. Dennis, M. Ancrenaz, R. Brassey, M. Gumal, A. J. Hearn, E. Meijaard, T. Simorangkir, and I. Singleton
PublisherOxford University Press, Oxford, UK
SourceScience Chronicles
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Editor(s)S. A. Wich, S. U. Atmoko, T. M. Setia, and C. P. van Schaik
Conference / Book TitleOrangutans: geographic variation in behavioral ecology and conservation
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AbstractOur understanding of fire and grazing is largely based on small-scale experimental studies in which treatments are uniformly applied to experimental units that are considered homogenous. Any discussion of an interaction between fire and grazing
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