Latitudinal patterns of range size and species richness of New World woody plants

Global Ecology and Biogeography
Weiser, M. D., B. J. Enquist, B. Boyle, T. J. Killeen, P. M. JËrgensen, G. Fonseca, M. D. Jennings, A. J. Kerkhoff, T. E. J. Lacher, A. Monteagudo, M. P. Nì_ez Vargas, O. L. Phillips, N. G. Swenson, and R. V. MartÍnez
Publisher N/A
SourceScience Chronicles
Volume / Issue16(5)
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AbstractAim Relationships between range size and species richness are contentious, yet they are key to testing the various hypotheses that attempt to explain latitudinal diversity gradients. Our goal is to utilize the largest data set yet compiled for New World w
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