Guidelines for evaluating performance of oyster habitat restoration

Baggett, Lesley P.; Powers, Sean P.; Brumbaugh, Robert D.; Coen, Loren D.; DeAngelis, Bryan M.; Greene, Jennifer K.; Hancock, Boze T.; Morlock, Summer M.; Allen, Brian L.; Breitburg, Denise L.; Bushek, David; Grabowski, Jonathan H.; Grizzle, Raymond E.; Grosholz, Edwin D.; La Peyre, Megan K.; Luckenbach, Mark W.; McGraw, Kay A.; Piehler, Michael F.; Westby, Stephanie R.; Ermgassen, Philine S. E. Zu
Publisher N/A
SourceWeb of Science
Volume / Issue23 / 6
Pages737 - 745
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Publication Date15-Nov
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